Personalized Pet Paw Print/Nose Print Necklace

Regular price $30.00

Have your favorite pet's paw print or nose print engraved onto this stunning  necklace. It is perfect for the animal lover in your life, or perfect to memorialize the fur baby who has been a part of your life.

For the engraving, you will need to send a picture of the paw print or nose print to In the email, also provide the order number or name the order is under. Please keep in mind that an ink or stamped image will provide the most detail, and will most resemble the paw itself. Images that are a photograph of the paw itself or a clay imprint of the paw will be used to get the general shape of the paw print.

I will do my best to make any picture that you can provide work. However, I reserve the right to cancel and refund any sales in which an unsatisfactory image is provided.